Membership Application Form – New Members




How did you hear about PTPA?


Which one of the following professions are you qualified? (select one, based on your undergraduate degree qualification)


Please tick all that apply

Have you completed 40 hours of supervision with an RPT-S? Or 30 hours supervision and 10 personal therapy?
Have you completed 80 hours of supervision with an RPT-S post graduation? (Maximum of 20 hours personal therapy can be counted)
Have you completed 600 client contact hours since graduating from your play therapy training?
Have you completed 300 client contact hours?
Have you completed a 3-day supervisor training?
Have you completed any post graduate play therapy training?
Did you graduate from your play therapy training a minimum of 3 years ago?
Do you hold a current Working with Children Check or Police Clearance lodged and accepted according to legislation within the state/country in which you work in? (Police Clearance must be current within the last year of the date of your application)
Required for play therapists in private practice and for those employed by a workplace
Have any formal complaints been made against your professional conduct or have been involved in legal matters regarding your professional conduct?


In making this application I acknowledge that if accepted as a Play Therapy Practitioners Association Member that in my play therapy work with children and families, I will comply with all relevant PTPA Best Practices Guidelines as stated by the Association. I CONFIRM THAT:

  • 1. I do not have a criminal record that may prejudice the interests of children.
  • 2. I have not been dismissed from employment on the grounds of professional misconduct.
  • 3. I have not been refused membership of a professional body or register in a related field on the grounds of professional misconduct.
  • 4. I agree to adhere to the PTPA renewal requirements for continuing clinical supervision and clinical practice.
  • 5. The information detailed in this membership application form is true to the best of my knowledge and does not contain any false or misleading information regarding my experience, qualifications, practice, membership or identity.
  • 6. I am aware my information contained and provided in this application will be held by PTPA.
  • 7. Should a complaint be received by PTPA in regards to my conduct, that I will comply with all investigation processes undertaken by the Association and will be advised of the outcome in a timely manner.
  • 8. Should a complaint be lodged against me with the mental health association, body or board of which I am a member or registered with, I agree to inform PTPA of the outcome of the complaint within 14 days of the decision.
  • 9. I understand and accept that the Play Therapy Practitioners Association reserves the right to terminate my membership if there is a breach of any of the above conditions or if there are ethical concerns about a provisional clinical member’s work.


All payments must be made by direct deposit to the following account (these details will also be emailed to you after submission):

Account Name: Play Therapy Practitioners Association Inc

BSB: 064-192

Account Number: 1007 1563

Message/Reference: Please use your surname for payment reference