From Theory to Practice: Navigating Trauma in Play Therapy

Embark on a pioneering two and a half day event with the inaugural 2024 Play Therapy Symposium, hosted by Play Therapy Practitioners Association. This landmark event is designed to magnify your therapeutic expertise and bring about a positive change in the lives of children impacted by trauma. Prepare to engage, learn, and be inspired as we unfold a program rich with insights, expertise, and shared wisdom, all dedicated to the noble cause of healing through play.


Why Attend?

Our objectives are clear and potent:

  • -Empowerment: Gain mastery over CCPT and its practical applications for treating childhood trauma.
  • -Skill Enhancement: Boost your capabilities to recognise and respond to the nuanced behaviors of traumatised children.
  • -Advocacy: Learn to communicate the efficacy of CCPT to those who shape the lives of children – from parents to policymakers.

Keynote Insight: Thought Leaders Unveiling the Depths of Play Therapy

  • Dr. Dee Ray: Delve into “Trauma and CCPT” to understand the visage of trauma, the pivotal considerations, and the reinforcing power of CCPT backed by research and evidence.
  • Dr. Jodi Mullen: Explore the complexities of “Sexually Traumatised Children in Play Therapy” to learn how sexual abuse shows up in sessions and how to address it through a Humanistic Play Therapy lens.

Day 1: Expert Panel Discussions and Networking Soirée

Interact with our distinguished keynote speakers and a panel of adept local play therapists in a series of discussions on critical topics. Participate, inquire, and broaden your horizons while discussing:

  • Ethical Navigation, Research and Practice, and Advocating for Play Therapy
  • Culminate the day with a sophisticated cocktail gathering, complete with delectable canapes, refreshing beverages (drink on arrival), and entertaining games, fostering camaraderie and connection.

Day 2 & 3: Intensive Learning with Leading Experts

Spend a full day each with Dr. Dee Ray and Dr. Jodi Mullen as they provide in-depth presentations that promise to enrich your practice. Your learning experience is complemented by morning tea, afternoon tea, and a nourishing lunch.

Check out our Draft Schedule:


For anyone coming to the Symposium here is a discount code for the event Venue: Oaks Resort. 
Code: PTPA
How to book:
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  2. Select Oaks Sunshine Coast Oasis Resort
  3. Enter “Booking code” -PTPA
  4. Select Dates (must be between 23rd to 28th October 2024 – Minimum 2-night stay applies)
  5. Select room type & rates
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Other upcoming events and CPD

Access to professional development opportunities is important to us at Play Therapy Practitioners Association. Please see below various training and networking opportunities coming up in your local area.

If you would like to advertise your upcoming training please contact us we would love to hear from you, for any PTPA members we offer free advertising on our website for any professional development they are offering, please contact us at if you would like to advertise on this page.

Play Therapy Training Australia Masterclasses

In our ongoing commitment to excellence in the practice of those working in the field of play therapy, Play Therapy Training Australia Co- Founder Kylie Ellison has established and will be regularly updating advanced professional development courses based on feedback from members of the play therapy community, to address and support the growth of practice in play therapy.

To that end, please see below the list of Masterclasses available for play therapists to access via our online student portal. Each Masterclass can be purchased individually by clicking on the green ‘Enrol now’ button, and will include:

  • A pre- recorded presentation by Director Kylie Ellison;
  • A copy of the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation;
  • Pre- recorded training demonstration videos to enhance your learning experience (where appropriate); and
  • A copy of the templates related to the topic being studied (where appropriate).

The Masterclasses are open to anyone currently practicing or studying play therapy and would like to learn more about the topics listed below.

For further information please do not hesitate to reach out to use via email or call 1300 00 PTTA. We hope you enjoy these presentations and find them useful in enhancing your knowledge and skills in play therapy.


Cost of each of Masterclasses are priced at $199 plus GST per topic, with resources included.

***Please note for PTPA members only, included in your membership from 1st September 2022 is access for one year to the first three Masterclasses (Conducting initial and follow up Parent Consults, Writing Play Therapy reports, Completing Risk Assessments in Play Therapy). Members are encouraged to access these resources via Play Therapy Training Australia’s website and quoting their member number to receive this benefit. PTPA members are also eligible for remaining Masterclasses for a 50% discount when their member number is quoted on the registration form.***

Masterclass Topics

Masterclass one: Conducting Initial and Follow up Parent Consultations

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • Why the first five minutes are so important
  • What type of questions to ask in initial parent/ carer consultation
  • Additional resources in initial parent/ carer consultations- ecomaps and genograms
  • Why regular follow up parent/ carer consultations are important, and what to cover

Masterclass two: Writing Play Therapy Reports

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • Exploration and explanation of each heading of a play therapy report including:

a) Referral information
b) Initial treatment goals
c) Therapy work undertaken- including themes and stages in play therapy
d) Parent consultation summaries
e) Recommendations for further support

Masterclass three: Completing Risk Assessments in Play Therapy

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • What are risk assessments?
  • Why do we use them in play therapy?
  • How/ when should they be completed?
  • Exploration of template headings

Masterclass four: Navigating the NDIS, and writing NDIS reports for reviews

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • History of NDIS scheme
  • Access to the NDIS
  • Categories of funding
  • How NDIS plans are managed
  • Goals of NDIS
  • Reporting/ Future funding
  • Independent Assessments
  • Writing a NDIS report for a plan review- explanation of guide and headings

Masterclass five: Supporting children with ASD using Child Centred Play Therapy- Presentation by Dr. Jodi Mullen

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders and the use of play therapy with this population
  • Identify how sensory issues may create challenges in the therapeutic playroom
  • Learn skills for addressing specific sensory issues in the playroom
  • Describe at least three examples of how play therapy can be therapeutic for child diagnosed with ASD
  • Practice skills for consulting with parents
  • Employ play therapy skills for counselling children in the autism spectrum.

Masterclass six: Using play therapy with pre-teens and teens

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • Efficacy of Child Centred Play Therapy as a modality for practice
  • Considerations in the application of CCPT with pre-teens and teens
  • Research findings of application of CCPT with pre-teens and teens
  • What skills do we use when applying CCPT to this age group?
  • How does CCPT with pre-teens and teens look in reality- recorded demonstration of pre-teen client example (deidentified and permission provided for training demonstration purposes only)

Masterclass seven: Countertransference in Play Therapy- Implications for practice

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • Foundational history of Child Centred Play Therapy- Examining the founding theories that underpin work in play therapy
  • What is countertransference and what role does it play in play therapy?
  • What are some of the key indicators of countertransference for therapists? (Exercise)
  • What are ways to address countertransference in the therapy space?
  • Video demonstration and exploration of observations covered

Masterclass eight: Identifying Themes in Play Therapy- Presentation by Dr Jodi Mullen

Content covered in this masterclass:

  • What is a theme in play therapy?
  • Toys and themes in play therapy
  • What are some of the typical themes in play therapy?
  • Categories of themes
  • Why are themes important?
  • Using themes to inform what you do in play therapy
  • Using themes to inform your clinical conceptualisation

Resources provided:

  • Pre- recording of presentation
  • Additional resources related to presentation