About Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a researched approach to providing therapeutic support to children through the use of play. Children are provided with the opportunity through carefully selected materials, to discuss, process and make sense of their life experiences through play.

Play therapy has been identified to support children with a range of presenting issues including social and emotional issues, trauma, family separation and disabilities. Children aged 2- 12 years are typically supported through play therapy, however older children and adults have been found to also benefit from the approach.

Children achieve a range of outcomes by accessing play therapy such as social and emotional skills development, regulation techniques, behavioural changes, self acceptance, empathy and respect for others.

Play therapists are highly skilled professionals who are trained to use skills and techniques to support children to progress through their therapy work, and work collaboratively with parents and carers to achieve successful outcomes for children.

For more information on finding a play therapist in your local area, please contact us at info@playtherapyassoc.com.au or check out the resources below.