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The Play Therapy Practitioners Association was founded in 2018 by a group of likeminded professionals keen to advocate for the training and provision of play therapy services across Australia. Identifying contemporary and emerging processes for registration, PTPA was created to provide an opportunity for practitioners passionate about play therapy to access training and registration in order to practice in Australia. Additionally, the not for profit Association aims to promote the profession to the wider community in order to advocate for the approach to be used as the preferred method of therapy for children and young people.


Our Vision

For play therapy to be recognised as the preferred method for supporting children and young people therapeutically.   For practitioners in the community to be able to qualify as play therapists and to allow for the growth and establishment of the profession in Australia.

Mission Statement

Play Therapy Practitioners Association (PTPA) is a registered not for profit association. Open to professionals with an interest in play therapy, PTPA’s mission is to promote play therapy and its benefits throughout Australia.   The Play Therapy Practitioners Association (PTPA) will promote play therapy through education, promotion of quality professional practices and the utilisation of play therapy practices to support children.    The Play Therapy Practitioners Association (PTPA) will create an inclusive community for play therapy practitioners empowering members through education and advocacy for play therapy.